Plazoleta Flowers

It is known as The House of Fillers, Plazoleta has been well recognized by meeting the highest quality standards in the industry for more than 35 years. Among its products, Plazoleta grows Alstroemeria, Statice, Snapdragons, Limonium Sinensis, Solidago, and Leucadendron. Get in contact here.


Flores La Conchita

Flores la Conchita is a flower company with more than 50 years of experience producing and exporting fresh cut flowers. Today we have production of Alstroemeria which belongs to the group Perfection®, White Callas, Roses, Ranunculus, and Hydrangeas. Get in contact here.



Suasuque, the native name for “the hill where the sun shines differently” becomes evident when you visit our family owned farm, which has been producing a variety of cut flowers since 1976. We are located in the green and hilly valley of Sopó, 35 Km north east of Bogotá. The micro climate of this area is different from the rest of the Sabana. This makes our Alstroemeria flowers bloom distinctively in color intensity and vase life longevity. Get in contact here.


grupo andes

Our company is a pioneer in the production and export of fresh-cut flowers in Colombia. Grupo Andes Farms has been producing and exporting the best quality flowers for 50 years. Currently, we grow our flowers on two farms in the Savannah of Bogota-Colombia, with over 50 hectares of land and employing over 800 people in the process. Get in contact here.



Valleflor was established in 1996 as a family business in Puembo, Ecuador. We focus our production towards the best varieties of summer flowers. We own three neighboring farms totaling 70 acres. We keep widening our production by trying as many “coded test plants” as possible from our breeders. This allows us to offer our customers the newest varieties. Get in contact here.


Esmeralda Farms

Esmeralda Tenjo is located in Colombia. Known for their superb roses, spray roses and alstroemeria production, Tenjo has justly earned its reputation as a premium, well-experienced grower known for producing strong, long-lasting varieties in a wide range of colors. Their strict attention to detail is proven by the layout of the farm itself; crops are planted so that cooling facilities are centrally located, ensuring that there will never be more than a five minute lapse between cutting flowers and refrigeration point. Esmeralda Tenjo is a leader in the introduction of new Alstroemeria varieties. Get in contact here.