Extra care and patience is highly necessary to grow this grade, as it requires a tailor-made cultivation process. The Perfection grade is exposed to a maximum amount of sunlight, hydration and nutrition and stays in the field longer than the other flowers. It does mean that the quality of this exclusive and consistent product is suburb and the colors are bewildering bright.

  • The next step in our technique is cutting the stems, which requires a very carefully timing.

  • Taking advantage of a maximum exposure to basic growth criteria such as sun, nutrients and water.

  • Perfection® flowers are delivered at full blossom, ready for immediate consumption.

Finally, we finish our Perfection® method with Handling and Packaging. This process is designed very carefully by our technicians in order to maintain the quality of the plant, ensuring the best presentation of the product. In conclusion, Perfection® flowers arrive ready to use by the final consumer, and with such a long-lasting beauty that makes them Perfect flowers.

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  • Stems per bunch: 10

  • Lengths available: 85cm

  • 160 individually netted per Quarter Box



  • Bloom size 25% more than a regular Alstroemeria

  • Longer stems

  • 5-7 stem flowers per stem

  • Stem thickness of 7mm

  • Exclusive and consistent quality

  • Bright and contrasting colors

  • Year-round availability

Alstroemeria Perfection